Yamaha STAGEPAS 250M Portable PA
  • Ideal for Monitor Speaker Use
  • Useful features for keyboard players and other performers
  • High-performance 10" 2-way Passive Speaker
  • Versatile 10-channel Powered Mixer
  • 250-watt Class D Power Amplifier
  • Detachable Powered Mixer
  • Pole Mount Receptacle for Direct Speaker Stand Mounting

Roland Ma-12C $25.00
Yamaha STAGEPAS 250M $65.00
Yamaha STAGEPAS 300 $95.00
JBL Eon15P-1
- 1 speaker with stand $65.00
- 2 speakers with stands $95.00

Yamaha MG124c $45.00
Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB 8-Channel USB Mixer $45.00
Behringer PMH5000 $65.00


Wired mic - $15.00 per day
Wireless mic - $45.00 per day


Camera Rental

HPV rents a verity of Cameras in 16X9 and the 4X3 formats. Using VHS tape, BetaSP tape, DigitalBeta Tape, DVCam tape, DVCPro tape SDHC Cards and the Panasonic HVX P-2 Cards

Light and Grip Packages

We can outfit you location shoot with any size of light package from 20,000 watts down to 100 watts. Using Tungsten, Florescent, HMI or LCD.

Arri Softbank D-4 Four Light Kit (120 volts)

1250 Total Watts, Two Fresnel 150s, Fresnel 300 and 650 Fixtures, 16x22" Softbox, Adapter, 120V Bulbs, Hard Kit Case
$90.00 Per Day

Studio Light and Grip

HPV's Studio Light Package has over 100 light heads from 20,000 watt to the 150 watt that includes Source-4, Par light, Softlights, striplights, Fresnel, Chimera Soft Banks, Kino Flo and support with a complete grip department of Matthews Grip equipment.


10 inch Teleprompter $150.00
- with prompter operator $600.00
15 inch Teleprompter $195.00
- with prompter operator $645.00
46 inch screen with stand $425.00
50 inch screen with stand $475.00


Presentation Setups

Convention exhibitions, trade show booths, information kiosks, seminar and meeting multimedia, and other special events, HPV can cover your Presentation needs.

Big Screen Systems
26" LCD monitors w/Built in Speakers, pick up at HPV $750.00
46" LCD Sony Bravia Monitors w/Built in Speakers, Delivery, Setup and Pickup in the Knoxville Area $250.00
50" LG Plasma Monitors w/Built in Speakers, Delivery, Setup and Pickup in the Knoxville Area $250.00
Accessories (all monitors are rented for table top use)
Adjustable 6 foot stand $75.00
Audio/Video Cart $25.00